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I. Before visiting NCTS:

l    Citizens of many countries can have a VISA-Exempt Entry for a short-term visit (less than 30 days) to Taiwan. You can check it in the following website: Visa-Exempt EntryCitizens of the People’s Republic of China will need special document and administration to apply entry permit for entering Taiwan, ROC. Please contact your host researchers and NCTS adminstrative staff for more information.

         In some case, an invitation letter may be required. In case it is needed, please contact the local host to invite you or center administrative office by email: phys.cts.nthu.edu.tw/members/staff.php?class=101

l   Center visitors are normally housed at one of the Guest Houses on campus of  the Natinoal Tsing Hua University, which are at about 5 minutes walking distance from the Center. Center secretaries will help to book the guest house once the arrival and departure dates are confirmed. Early arrangement is encouraged to secure a reservation. 



l   Upon your arrival, please visit the NCTS administrative office R518 to obtain your building entry card key, office key. A welcome information package will also be provided to you. If you plan to arrive at the NCTS outside the office hour, please contact the administrative office in advance for arrangement.

l   Accessing NCTS: A building entry card key is needed to access the NCTS building outside the office hour (8.30am - 5.00pm, Mon-Fri).

l   Office: NCTS offers to its visitors computing services such as printing, faxing, scanning and wireless network access. While using personal laptop is encouraged, desktop computers are still available in some offices.

l    Banking: There are two banks  on the campus of the National Tsing Hua University, offering standard bank services such as opening of a saving deposit account, application of credit card, currency exchange. The office hour is: 8.30am -3.30pm, Mon-Fri.   ATM machines are available. Please ask the NCTS administrative office if more information is needed.

l   Food: Cafeteria offering food of various kinds are located at the buildings Z105, Z106, Z107. There is a convenient store in Z106 and Z107. Western style cafes are located at T204 as well as in the ground floor of the MXIC Learning resource center building T105.

l   Laundry: There is a laundry shop at the building Z106.

l   Bookstore: A bookstore is located at the building Z105. 


III. Leaving NCTS:

l   Please return your building entry card key and your office key to the administrative office before you depart NCTS. If you will leave outside the office hour, please leave these keys on the desk in your office and lock the door before your departure, or you may leave in the front desk of the Gueshouse.

l   Please fill in the online research activity report at least two days before your departure.


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