Geometry, Topology and String Theory

I.  Coordinator:
Nan-Kuo Ho (NTHU) nankuo@math.nthu.edu.tw; Siye Wu (NTHU)  swu@math.nthu.edu.tw
II. Core Members:
Chong-Sun Chu (NTHU),
Wu-Yen Chuang (NTU),
Pei-Ming Ho (NTU),
Jen-Chu Lee (NCTU)
III.  Major Directions:
Recently there has been a lot of mutually beneficial interaction between string theory and geometry and topology. Our research themes fall into the following three categories: (1) Gauge theory, integrability and novel symmetries; (2) Hitchin system and wall crossing; (3) Mathematical problems in general relativity.
Through this interdisciplinary program, we intend to forge a link between mathematicians and physicists in Taiwan and the international community. The activities proposed should not only facilitate the communications between members and visitors in doing research, but also the training and teaching of postdocs and graduate students.
This is a two-year program with the aim to encourage interaction and collaboration among mathematicians (especially geometers) and theoretical physicists.
IV.  Activities:
Dec 26-29, 2015, NCTS Conference on geometry, topology and physics. 
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