Information for Big Data Analysis and Complex Systems

 I. Coordinator:
Ming-Chya Wu (National Central University; E-mail: mcwu@ncu.edu.tw; Homepage: http://in.ncu.edu.tw/mcwu/)
II. Core Members:
Chi-Ning Chen (National Dong Hwa University),
Yao-Chen Hung (Feng Chia University)
Wen-Jong Ma (National Chengchi University)
Chi-Tin Shih (Tunghai University)
Wen-Jer Tseng (Tamkang University)
III. Major Directions:
A. Developments of data analysis approaches (algorithms) based on concepts in statistical physics and nonlinear dynamics
B. Analysis of the databases in biology (such as protein data bank and protein aggregation database), biomedical science (such as biomedical signals), financial and social systems (such as financial data and networks)
C. Modelling and simulations for the physical systems associated with the big data
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