Collaboration between theorists and experimentalists is essential and can be a very powerful way for advancing scientific discoveries and technological innovations. A succesful and productive collaboration between theorists and experimentalists will also help to strengthen the overall research environemnt in the whole physics community. Besids, many major breakthroughs in science take place at the intersections of disciplines. This is particular so in the modern time due to the increasing complexity of problems. Recongnizing its importantce, NCTS will support and act as a platform for promoting the interaction and collaboration between theorists and experimentalists, as well as interdisciplinary collaboration. 

Experimental Collaboration Program
The Experimental Collaboration Program (ECP) shall be led by leading experimentalists and three ECP groups have been selected for 2019-2020 as shown below.

  Program Title Coordinator Staff
E1 Quantum Optics and Quantum Manipulation of Ultracold Atoms Ying-Cheng Chen (IAMS) Tina Ke
E2 Light Dark Matter and Neutrinos Cheng-Pang Liu (NDHU), Henry T. Wong (AS) Tina Ke
E3 LHC Experimental/Theoretical Exploration Kingman Cheung (NTHU), Jennifer Hsu (NTHU) Candie Chiu
E4 Gravitional Waves and Data Analysis Feng-Li Lin (NTNU) Chao-Jung Kuo


Interdisciplinary Program
The interdisciplinary program (IDP) shall be led by PI in different research fields, and three IDP groups have been identified for the operation in 2019-2020
  Program Title Coordinator Staff
I1 Multiscale studies for complex materials, catalysts, and biological systems – theoretical and computational approaches, and experimental stimulus Jer-Lai Kuo (AS) Renee Ho
I2 Geometric Aspects of Quantum Dualities
Nan-Kuo Ho (NTHU), Siye Wu (NTHU)
Cindy Wang
I3 Complex Systems and Mathematical Biology Lee-Wei Yang (NTHU) Renee Ho


Seed Program
The Seed program (Seed) is to promote some smaller but promising subfields, which may grow in the future.
  Program Title Coordinator Staff
Seed1 Explainable Artificial Intelligence Jason Chang (NTHU)
Daw-Wei Wang (NTHU
Renne Ho
Seed2 Multimessenger Astrophysics Kuo-Chuan Pan (NTHU) Candie Chiu
Seed3 Spintronics and Ferromagnetism Yah-Chr Tsai (CCU)  Yi-Wen Fu
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