Quantum Gases

I. Coordinator:

Ray-Kuang Lee (李瑞光), Institute of Photonics Technologies, National Tsing Hua University; rklee@ee.nthu.edu.tw


II. Core Members:

Daw-Wei Wang (王道維) NTHU,
Wen-Chin Wu (
吳文欽) NTNU,

Shih-Chuan Gou (郭西川) NCUE,
Wen-Te Liao (
廖文德) NCU,

You-Lin Chuang (莊又霖),
Qing Xu (
徐清) NTHU,
I.-Kang Liu (
劉翼鋼) NCUE 


III. Major Directions:

   Many-body Physics: Using quantum gases, including spinor and Rydberg-dressed Bose-Einstein condensates, as an accessible platform for the studies on quantum phase transitions, topological orders, quantum spontaneous synchronization and Abelian/non-Abelian gauge potentials. Supersolidity, Anderson localization, and quantum turbulence in ultracold Bose system with long-range interaction.

  Quantum Optics: Studying nonlinear dynamics, collective excitation, soliton/vortex formations, optomechanical coupling between x-ray and optical photons, superradiance in soft x-ray domain and storage/retrieval of quantum information through the interface of atom-light interaction.


VI. Activities: 

    AMO Summer School, Aug. 22-25 (2017), at the Insitute of Atomic and Molecular Science (IAMS), Academic Sinica inside National Taiwan University campus, Taipei.

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