Topology and Entanglement in Quantum Many-Body Systems

I. Coordinator: 
Ying-Jer Kao (NTU) yjkao@phys.ntu.edu.tw
II. Core Members:
Pochung Chen (NTHU),
Yu-Cheng Lin (NCCU),
Hong-Yi Chen (NTNU),
Ming-Chiang Chung (NCHU),
Feng-Li Lin (NTNU)
III. Major Directions:
There are two major themes in this thematic group:
A. To study the entanglement structure in interacting topological and disordered systems 
B. To develop numerical algorithms from the entanglement perspective.
IV. Activities:
  1. TG Kick-off Meeting: number of participants 40  
  2. The kick-off meeting was organized to mark the official beginning of the TG and provide an opportunity for members to meet and discuss.
  1. First TEQMS hackathon: number of participants 50
    The first hackathon was held in JustSleep Jiao-Xi on 6/28~29. Tutorials and short research talks were given. Participants were divided into coding group during the coding sessions so people working on similar projects can collaborate.
  1. Second TEQMS hackathon: number of participants 55   
  2. The first hackathon was held in NCCU on 9/10~11. In addition to the tutorials and research talks, we invited Prof. Yen-Lung Tsai from Department of Applied Mathematics to give an introduction on Python and the iPython environment. Many students from the Applied Math department also attended the hackathon. Prof. Tsai and the core members are exploring possible joint projects.
  1. Third TEQMS hackathon (planned): 
  2. To be held in NTNU, Lin-Kou Campus.
V. Highlight of Results (2015-2016):
Since programming is an important part of our research activities, we organize quarterly hackathons, where participants collaborate intensively on software projects. Since the beginning of the project, we have organized two hackathons. The hackathon is organized as a two-day event. Unlike a regular workshop or school, a substantial portion of the time is devoted to discussion and coding. Selected graduate students and postdocs will give brief presentations on their current projects, and people working on similar subjects are grouped together to work. This type of activity has proven to be very effective for solving technical problems and starting new projects.  
Profs. Ying-Jer Kao and Pochung Chen are also part of the effort to develop a tensor network library Uni10 (http://uni10.org/ ).  Uni10 is an open-source library that has been adopted by several groups in the world.  This project involves knowledge of numerical tensor linear algebra, GPU programming, and code tuning and optimization. This provides training opportunities for students/postdocs on code development and also serves as a platform to collaborate with computer scientists.
Our core members are constantly invited to speak at workshops and conferences. Profs. Ying-Jer Kao, Yu-Cheng Lin and Pochung Chen were invited to speak at the 9th International Conference Computational Physics, 1/7-11, 2015, Singapore.
See the TG websitehttps://sites.google.com/a/phys.ntu.edu.tw/teqms for more information. 
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