I. Coordinator:

Yu-tin Huang (National Taiwan University) yutin@phys.ntu.edu

II. Core Members:

Chuan-Tsung Chan (TunghaiUniversity )
Chiang-Mei Chen (National Central University)Heng-Yu Chen (National Taiwan University)
Wen-Yu Wen (Chung Yuan Christian University)
Yang Yi (National Chiao Tung University)

III. Major Directions:

      The high-energy theory group focuses on the connection between various aspects of quantum field theory, gravity, and string theory. Recent interest of members include:

       Integrability in QFT and string theory
: Non-perturbative aspects of the matrix models and minimal string theory, and connections between matrix models and discrete integrable systems. Uncovering integrable structures in CFT correlation functions.

AdS/CFT and its generalizations: Understanding the general structure of four-point functions in conformal field theories through AdS/CFT, ultimately toward the analysis of the space of consistent CFTs.Furthermore, generalizing the correspondence to strongly couple systems in QCD or CFT.

Aspects of non-perturbative QFTs: The study of Non-perturbative properties of supersymmetric gauge theories in diverse dimensions and manifolds.

S-matrix of gauge, gravity and string theory: Exploring the consequence of consistency constraints on scattering amplitudes of gauge theories and gravity theories, as well as revealing hidden symmetries in various kinematic regimes.

Classical solutions in gravity and their implications: Studying black hole solutions as well as dynamics of near horizon physics, from which one extracts implications for quantum gravity. 

VI. Activities:

l   Summer work shop on QFT, gravity and Strings (Sept-4-8, 2016)

l   Taiwan String WorkShop (Oct 26-29, 2016)

l   Regular Seminars:

Nationa Taiwan University, Fridays 2:20-3:20


Chung Yuan Christian University, Weds 1:00-2:00

              National Chiao Tung University, Tues 2:20-3:30pm

              NCTS/ National Tsing Hua University, Mondays, 1.00-2.00

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