Thematic Groups

The principal function of thematic groups is to promote the growth and to strengthen the base of the larger community, through collaboration. The nine thematic groups listed below were selected for 2019-2020 and give a certain general representation of  the interests and strength in the Taiwan theoretical physics community. 

  Program Title Coordinator Staff
TG1 Particle Phenomenology 2019: Cheng-Wei Chiang (NTU),
2020: Chuan-Ren Chen (NTNU)
Candie Chiu
TG2 Dark Physics of the Universe Chao-Qiang Geng (NTHU) Candie Chiu
TG3 Strings Heng-Yu Chen (NTU) Chao-Jung Kuo
TG4 Topology and Entanglement in Quantum Many-Body Systems Pochung Chen (NTHU) Cindy Wang
TG5 Complex Systems Kuo-An Wu (NTHU)
Yeng-Long Chen (AS)
Tina Ke
TG6 Quantum Information Science and Its Applications  Yeong-Cherng Liang (NCKU)
Guin-Dar Lin (NTU)
Yi-Wen Fu
TG7 Many-body Physics and Quantum Optics for Quantum Gases and Artificial Atoms Ray-Kuang Lee (NTHU) Tina Ke
TG8 Topological Physics in Correlated Electron Systems Chung-Hou Chung (NCTU) Cindy Wang
TG9 Quantum and Topological Materials Feng-Chuan Chuang (NSYSU)
Horng-Tay Jeng (NTHU)
Cindy Wang
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