From the Director

The National Center for Theoretical Science (NCTS) is a national institution founded on August 1997 by the Ministry of Science and Technology of Taiwan. Since its birth, NCTS has been dedicated to contribute to the advancement of fundamental research in theoretical science. We strive to provide the best platform of research to facilitate the generation of original results and to foster a creative atmosphere for the leading scientists, home and abroad, to engage in collaboration on research of primary importance. We network actively with other preeminent institutions by actively promoting scientific research in physics and related areas, nurturing of young talented researchers and transferring of knowledge beyond the geographical boundaries. We have the aspiration of becoming a world leading institution in basic research in theoretical physics. 

Despite the presence of economic hardship, political conflicits and many natural disasters around the globe, we physicsits have the privilege to find satisficaton and peace in the study of physics and in contributing to human knowledge. And we can share cheerfully together on important dicsoveries, for example, the very recent LIGO discovery on gravittional wave and black hole merger. I am sure we all agree this is a real privilege.  I accepted to serve as the Director of the Center in 2014 and I am grateful for given this precious opportunity to serve the community.  The year 2015 is the 18th anniversary of the center and  marks a renewal of our commitment . We welcome your support and participation in our programs and activities.  
Chong-Sun Chu 朱創新
Director, NCTS Physics Division

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