Mission and Goals

National Center for Theoretical Sciences (NCTS) consists of two separate divisions in Mathematics and Physics, supported by Ministry of Science and Technology (MoST) and their host universities.  
We, the Physics Division, are committed to contribute to the advancement of frontier research in physics. 

Our goals are:

  1. to act as an effective platform to stimulate and to enhance the interaction and collaboration among researchers.
  2. to empower talented students and postdoctoral researchers to make significant contributions in the frontier of research subjects.
  3. to serve as an efficacious channel to network the home researchers with other scholars and preeminent institutions abroad.
  4. to explore new frontiers in physics research and innovation, and to enhance the extent and breadth of interdisciplinary researches as well as the collaboration with scientists in the experimental fields. 
The Mathematics Division is hosted at the National Taiwan University since 2015. Please go to the website here for more information. 

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