Open call for nomination of Distinguished Center Scientists

Open call for nomination  of Distinguished Center Scientists of the NCTS.

In order to promote the research excellence of the NCTS, the center will appoint a number of scientists as NCTS Distinguished Center Scientists (DCS). Nomination of candidate is invited.  Attached below are documents related to the DCS program:

1. 特聘中心科學家-設置辦法及遴選作業要點-0401.pdf
2. DCS-spec-1024.pdf
3. DCS申請表-1024.doc (and pdf)

1 describes the 設置辦法及遴選作業要點 of the DCS program.
2 is a supplementary document in English to the document 1.
3 is the nomination form

Nomination, together with CV, publication list and a research proposal of the nominee should be made  to the director, by email to

Ms Sherry Pang   03-5731268      shpang@cts.nthu.edu.tw

All materials should be received by December 18, 2017.
Interested parties are welcome to contact the director for more information.
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