Congratulations to Prof. Kingman Cheung for receiving the 24th National Chair Professorship from Ministry of Education

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Prof. Kingman Cheung (Distinguished Center Scientist of NCTS, and professor of NTHU physics) received the 24th National Chair Professorship from the Ministry of Education in 2020. 

Kingman is unquestionably one of the premier world leaders in theoretical particle physics. He is internationally renowned for research that bridges abstract theory and experimental observations in high-energy physics, cosmology, and astroparticle physics, especially for developing effective strategies for the discovery of new particles. Kingman’s research focuses on the most fundamental questions in physics: the origin of mass, the unification of all forces, the structure of space-time, and the nature of the dark matter. His research accomplishments build on his deep knowledge and extraordinary development of new physics models and determining their characteristic signatures in collider experiments. Experimental particle physicists worldwide depend on his studies and devise their searches accordingly. He is at the highest level of accomplishment in this crucial enterprise by which particle physics flourishes. Kingman is a prolific researcher with more than 200 physics publications in leading journals of the field. Kingman is recognized by the outside world as the dynamic leader of particle physics research in Taiwan. Kingman’s breakthroughs in the past 10 years, which are widely recognized as very influential contributions, include (i) Higgs boson and electroweak symmetry breaking, (ii) top-quark forward-backward asymmetry, (iii) unparticles, and (iv) dark matter.
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