Congratulation to Prof Yu-tin Huang for receiving the Nishina award 2018

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Congratulation to Prof Yu-tin Huang for receiving the Nishina award 2018. 

 Yu-tin Huang is an Associate Professor at National Taiwan University, and currently a junior center scientist at NCTS. His research focuses on general properties of physical observables such as scattering amplitudes and correlation functions, in quantum field theory, gravity and string
Yu-tin Huang was instrumental in uncovering the hidden structures of  perturbative amplitudes, including the color-kinematic duality between Yang-Mills theory and Einstein-Hilbert gravity, the dual superconformal symmetry of three-dimensional Chern-Simons matter theory, and the dual conformal symmetry for Super Yang-Mills theory beyond four dimensions. These developments are summarized in the famous textbook (written with H. Elvang), ”ScatteringAmplitudes in Gauge Theories and Gravity”, published in 2015 from CambridgeUniversity Press. The book is now the
standard reference on this topicand has influenced many researchers.
More recently, Yu-tin has been focused on constraints on effective field  theories stemming from the existence of unitary and Lorentz invariant UV completions. These come in the form of universal soft theorems, if the UV completion involves spontaneous symmetry breaking, or general
positivity bounds. 
Because of the important contributions of Yu-tin's work, the 2018  (the sixth) Nishina Asia Award is awarded to Dr. Yu-tin Huang for “his contributions to uncovering hidden symmetries and structures in S-matrix of gauge and gravity theories.” The Nishina Asia Award has been established in 2012 as one of the activities of the Nishina Memorial Foundation to recognize an outstanding achievement by young Asian scientist in the field of basic physics. Yu-tin is also one of the recipients of the 2018 Ta-You Wu Memorial Award given by MoST (Ministry of Science and Technology).
Yu-tin would like to thank his co-conspirators for their insight, hard  work and patience, though out these collaborations. He would also like to thank the support and generosity of his colleagues in Taiwan, especially the support of NCTS, providing the platform for the exchange of many of these results with the international community.
Selected publications:
1. “Dualities for Ising networks”, with Chia-Kai Kuo and Congkao WenarXiv:1809.01231 .
2. “Scattering Amplitudes For All Masses and Spins ”, with Nima Arkani-Hamed, Tzu-Chen Huang arXiv:1709.04891
3. “New fermionic soft theorems”, with Wei-Ming Chen, Congkao Wen, Published Phys. Rev. Lett. 115 (2015) 2, 021603 arXiv:1412.1809
4. “Loop Corrections to Soft Theorems in Gauge Theories and Gravity”,with Song He, Congkao Wen, Published JHEP 1412 (2014) 115 arXiv:1405.1410.
5. “Consistency conditions from generalized-unitarity”,with D. McGady, Published Phys. Rev. Lett. 112: (2014) 241601 arXiv:1307.4065.
6. “Absence of Three-Loop Four-Point Divergences in N=4 Supergravity”,with Z. Bern, S. Davies and T. Dennen, Published Phys. Rev. Lett. 108: (2012) 201301 arXiv:1202.3423
7. “Tree-level Recursion Relation and Dual Superconformal Symmetry ofthe ABJM Theory”, with Dongmin Gang, Eunkyung Koh, Sangmin Lee, and Arthur E. Lipstein. Published JHEP 1103: (2011) 116 arXiv.org:1012.5032
8. “Gravity as the Square of Gauge Theory”, with Zvi Bern, Michael Kiermaier, and Tristan Dennen,Published Phys. Rev. D 82:
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