Gravitional Wave and Numerical Gravity

 I.  Coordinator:

Feng-Li Lin (NTNU), fengli.lin@gmail.com

II.   Core Members:

  Chian-Shu Chen, Tamkang U.
  Sadakazu Haino, ASIOP
  Yuki Inoue, ASIOP
  Chun-Yu Lin, NCHC
  Guo-Chin Liu, Tamkang U.
  Dah-Wei Chiou, NTNU 
  Sheng-Lan Ko, IF Naresun U, Thailand & NTNU

III.  Major Directions:

1.      Work on KAGRA data analysis, help to develop the algorithms and libarary

2.      Effective field theory approach for gravitational wave (GW) of post-Newtonian modified gravity

3.      Numerical relativity for GW of compact binary black holes in modified gravity

4.      Phenomenology and Cosmology related GW physics

5.      Quantum measurements for GW detection


VI. Activities:

  We hold the regular meetings among group members every week to discuss our progress on the project. For the time being, we will focus on building up the local pipeline for KAGRA data analysis, and numerical relativity and post-Newtonian approach to binary black holes in modified gravity. 


   We also organize a summer mini-school on Gravitational Wave Research during July 13-15, 2017, see http://taipeigravitationalwavegroup.weebly.com/mini-school.html, and lecture series on effective theory approach of post-Newtonian gravity during July 18-20, 2017, see http://taipeigravitationalwavegroup.weebly.com/eft-png.html


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