Regulations for Online & Onsite Participation

[For Onsite Participants]
The following is some COVID-19 preventive measures that NTHU has adopted and required all participants to implement:
1) Please bring your own face masks and wear them at all times.
2) Please have your daily body temperature checked at the venue and get stickers. 
3) Please leave the staff your personal cellphone numbers for further contact if needed. 

[For Online Participants]

1) Please enter your full names (as your identity) while joining the meeting.
2) You will be in the role of “Attendees” during your online participation.
3) Attendees are view-only participants and will be muted during the talks.
4) There will be 5-min and 10-min discussions after the 30-min and 40-min talks respectively. Please upload your questions using the Q&A function of Zoom. The session chairs will handle the questions collectively.