Lecture Series

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Ground-based gamma-ray astronomy

Jim Hinton (MPIK)

This will be a series of three lectures on ground-based gamma-ray astronomy, interfacing with the topics covered in the talks by Werner Hofmann, Alison Mitchell and Pooja Surajbali.

Cosmological aspects of high energy astrophysics
Yoshiyuki Inoue (Osaka)

This will be a series of four lectures. In this lecture series, I will cover the high energy astrophysics in the cosmological context. High energy astrophysics sounds far from the cosmology, but it can bring a variety of knowledge on the cosmic history. First, I will cover the cosmological evolution of high energy astrophysical objects and their contribution to the cosmic background radiation. Second, I will cover the role of gamma-ray astrophysics in the study of the cosmic star formation history. Lastly, I would like to talk about the intergalactic magnetic field study using gamma-ray measurements.

Fundamentals of observational high-energy astrophysics
Albert Kong (NTHU)

This lecture series consists of 3 lectures. I will first give a brief overview of the principles of observations for high-energy astrophysics and introduce a few important high-energy astrophysics facilities with a highlight on the science impacts. Then, I will discuss the prospects of future high-energy missions in the coming decade.  At the end of the lecture series, a science case of gamma-ray observations of novae will be presented.

Cosmic particle acceleration
Frank Rieger (ZAH/Heidelberg)

This will be a series of five lectures. Topics covered will include rotational acceleration, reconnection, gap acceleration as well as Fermi-type (shock, stochastic, shear) particle acceleration. Each lecture will introduce the basic concept, summarize important physics results, discuss an exemplary application and indicate current trends and developments.

Multi-messenger astrophysics and gamma-ray astrophysical sources
Kinwah Wu (MSSL/UCL)

This will be a series of five lectures. The first two will be on:
(1) Black holes, gravitational waves and high-energy relativistic astrophysics

The remaining three lectures will be on:
(2) Multi-messenger astrophysics in the framework of gamma-ray astronomy.

These will cover X-ray, optical, IR, radio, gravitational waves and neutrinos in the context of ultra high-energy gamma-ray astrophysics. 

Cosmic ray feedback in galaxies and clusters

Hsiang-Yi Karen Yang (NTHU)

This will be a series of three lectures. Topics to be covered include modeling cosmic rays, the Fermi bubbles, and cosmic ray feedback in galaxies and clusters.