Financial Support


(1)   Full attendance at the summer school (Aug. 20th-23rd) is required for the financial support by NCTS.


(2) If you are a foreign undergraduate student whose affiliation is abroad (out of Taiwan), NCTS is not allowed to reimburse your local transportation expenses.


(3) Only round trip bus/Taiwan Railways train tickets between your affiliation to Jhongli are allowed to be reimbursed.

(本會議僅補助客運或台鐵火車票票價,補助上限台鐵自強號,起訖地點: 在學/現職單位-中壢)


(4) Please provide us your bus/Taiwan Railways train ticket at the registration desk before the last day of the summer school (Aug. 23rd).


If you are a foreigner, please provide us a color front and back copy of your passport/ARC/Exit & Entry Permit to Taiwan (