Transportation & Map

Address:No. 136, Chung-Hsin Road, Sun Moon Lake, Non-Tou

Foreign visitorsFor more detail guideline PDF file (download here)
1. Taoyuan National Airport (TPE) à by Ubus à Taiwan High Speed Rail (THSR) Taoyuan station 
2. Taiwan High Speed Rail (THSR)Taoyuan station à Taichung station
3. Taichung THSR station, Exit 5 à by Nantou bus à Sun Moon Lake
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4. From Sun Moon Lake visitor center to Sun Moon Lake Teacher’s Hotel

【By Public Transportation System】
1. Take GuoGuang Bus to Sun Moon Lake from Taipei, or Take FengRong Bus to Sun Moon Lake at MRT ZhongXiao FuXing Station.
2. Take Nantou Bus or GuoGuang Bus to PuLi in Taichung and change to take Nantou Bus or FengRong Bus to Sun Moon Lake 
3. Taichung Railway Station→ Take RenYo Bus to Sun Moon Lake (time table: 8am and 14:20pm/day) 
4. Take Nantou bus at Sun Moon Lake Railway Station

【By car】
※ Bound for North:
1.WuRi, Wang Tian exit→ Provincial Highway 14→ CaoTun→ PuLi (connect Provincial Highway 21)→ Through YuChi→ Sun Moon Lake (turn left to connect Provincial Highway 21 Line Jia)→ Wen Wu Temple→ Sun Moon Lake Youth Activity Center (around 63 km) 
2.Taichung Port exit→ Provincial Highway 74---ZhingZhang Highway→ CaoTun→ PuLi (connect Provincial Highway 21)→ Through YuChi→ Sun Moon Lake. 

※ Bound for South:
1.Highway 1→ YunLin exit (connect Provincial Highway 74 to Gu Keng)→ Gu Keng exit (connect Formosa Highway)→ ZhuShan exit→ JiJi→ ShuiLi (connect Provincial Highway 21 or Provincial Highway 131)→ Sun Moon Lake
2.ormosa Highway → MingJian exit→ JiJi (connect Provincial Highway 3 and Provincial Highway 16)→ ShuiLi (connect Provincial Highway 16)→ Sun Moon Lake