Workshop Venue: Ta-Shue Chou Lecture Hall, Institute of Chemistry, Academia Sinica. 
From Taoyuan International Airport (TIA) to Academia Sinica
1. By Bus (Kuo-Kuang Motor Transportation - KuoKuang Line No.1843)
    - Fare from TIA to Nangang Exhibition Hall costs NTD 115, ticket sold at bus counter.
    - Departs from TIA every 45-65 minutes
    - Trip length: 80 minutes
    - Operating Hours:
       From TIA to Nangang Exhibition Hall (from 6:20 am to 11:20 pm)
       From Nangang Exhibition Hall to TIA (from 5:00 am to 11:00 pm)
    - Bus pickup point: 
      Terminal 1 bus pickup zone at B1 Arrivals.
      Terminal 2 bus pickup zone at the northeast arcade of the 1st floor Arrivals lobby.
      Further information

From Nangang Exhibition Hall, you can take a 10-minute taxi ride to Academia Sinica.
2. By Taxi
    - Taxi terminals are available in both Terminal 1 and 2 of the Taoyuan International Airport.
    - Fare from TIA to Academia Sinica costs between NTD 1,200-1,500
    - Trip length: 60 minutes
    - Operating Hours: 24 hrs