1. Citizens of many countries can have a VISA-Exempt Entry for a short-term visit (less than 30 days) to Taiwan. You can check it in the following website: Visa-Exempt Entry

2. Citizens of the People’s Republic of China will need special document and administration to apply entry permit for entering Taiwan, ROC. It usually takes 2-3 months for the whole application process. Please contact Miss Iris Peng ( for details. 

3. In some case, an invitation letter may be required. In case it is needed, please contact the local host to invite you or Miss Peng.

4. Invited Speakers and professors are normally housed at the Guest Houses I or II on campus of Natinoal Tsing Hua University. They are at about 5 minutes walking distance from the Center. Center secretaries will help to book the guest house once the arrival and departure dates are confirmed. Early arrangement is encouraged to secure a reservation.