Campus Shuttle Service

*Campus Shuttle Service

The NTHU Campus Shuttle Service provides transportation routes to and from different buildings on the NTHU campus and also to off-campus sites, including other universities:
A. On-campus shuttle
B. NTHU <---> National Synchotron Radiation Research Center (NSRRC)
C. NTHU <---> University System of Taiwan
D. NTHU <---> Academica Sinica
E. NTHU <---> NCTU

*Check Routes and Schedules: Check here.

Taoyuan CKS International Airport to NTHU

* United bus station: Southern end of the departure hall of Terminal 1, northern end of the departure hall of Terminal 2.
Detailed Information: Click here.

* Taxi:
You may take a taxi upon walking outside the terminals. The cost of a taxi ride to Hsinchu from the airport is about NT$1,600.

* Taoyuan CKS International Airport transportation information: website

Hsinchu Area Transportation

Bus stops: There are bus stops across from the main gate of NTHU, and students can take the bus from there to the train station, downtown area, and city hall.
Bus schedule: Every 5-20 minutes, depending on traffic and time of day.
Fare :15 NT。
Detailed information on Hsinchu city buses: click here.

There are two taxicab companies:
1.Hung-shuai Taxicab Company 03-5713333
2.Chin-li Taxicab Company 03-5221111

Taxi Fares
Basic charge 1250 meters NT$100
Charge after 1250 meters 250 meters NT$5
Time-based charges 3 Minutes NT$5

No additional charges for luggage that needs to go in trunk.
Chinese New Year charges will be significantly higher, but no more than 30%.
Note 1: When traffic is moving slower than 5km/hour, there will be an additional NT$5 charge every 3 minutes
Note 2: Between 11 p.m. and 6 a.m., there will be an additional NT$20 charge.


Hsinch City MapChinese  English

Outgoing Transportation from Hsinchu

National freeway buses:

How to access: From NTHU's eastern entrance (post office), make a right and you may access public buses which provide transportation to Taipei, Taoyuan, and Taichung; if you walk down 10 more minutes, there is a Ho-hsin bus station and Aloha bus station which will take you to Tainan and Kaohsiung, respectively.

Taipei NT$95-130,  Taoyuan/ Longtan NT$100, Taichung NT$140-160, Tainan NT$600, Kaohsiung NT$600-700.

Bus schedule:
One bus every 10-30 minutes.

Detailed information:

Take a city bus to train station and buy tickets at the window.
Detailed information: Here

Taiwan High-speed Railway:
How to access: In the same area beyond NTHU's eastern entrance where the bus stops are lies the shuttle stop for the high-speed railway station, a free shuttle service that takes you to the nearest station in Chubei. The high-speed rail will take you to Taipei in approximately 20 minutes and Kaohsiung in an hour and a half.
Detailed information: Here