FieldAtomic Physics
Title2019 AMO Physics Summer School
Start Date2019-08-20 13:00:00
End Date2019-08-23 16:00:00
PlaceRoom 209, Chien-Shiung Building (Science Building IV), NCU
The 2019 annual Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics Summer School will be held at Department of Physics, National Central University, Taoyuan city between 8/20 ~ 8/23. We invite domestic and international researchers to give lectures on related topics including quantum technology, strong laser field, laser-plasma interaction, laboratory astronomy, x-ray quantum optics, and precision spectroscopy. This is a great opportunity for graduate students and junior scholars to learn about the cutting-edge researches and latest development in this sub-field, as well as for all participants to share their research experiences and exchange research ideas.

Student Session:
(1)The Student session will be in the afternoon of Aug. 22nd (Thu.).
(2)Please submit your 15-minute presentation , the approved one can present at the session.
(3)The approved one will be informed by email by Jul. 31st (Wed).
(4)We will select a student presentation for Best Student Presentation Award.

Ite A. Yu 余怡德 (NTHU)
Jyhpyng Wang 汪治平 (IAMS, Academia Sinica)
Yen-Chu Hsu 許艶珠 (NCU)
Chih-Sung Chuu 褚志崧 (NTHU)
Yen-Hung Chen 陳彥宏 (NCU)
Hung-Pin Chung 鍾宏彬 (NCU)
Li-Bang Wang 王立邦 (NTHU)
Zheng Li 李錚 (CFEL, DESY)
Shao-Wei Chou 周紹暐 (NCU)
Chih-Wei Chiang 江智偉 (KSU)

Wen-Te Liao 廖文德 (NCU)
Wang-Yau Cheng 鄭王曜 (NCU)
Hsu-hsin Chu 朱旭新 (NCU)
Yu-Jung Chen 陳俞融 (NCU)
Meng-Fan Luo 羅夢凡 (NCU)
Ray-Kuang Lee 李瑞光 (NTHU)

Physics Division, National Center for Theoretical Sciences
National Central University (國立中央大學)
Center for High Energy and High Field Physics (高能與強場物理研究中心)

除教授/老師外,均需繳交報名費金額,請於8/20 (二) 課程時現場繳款

(1) 學生500元
(2) 博士後研究員 800元
(3) 現職於業界者 1500元


黃淑惠( / Tel: (03)4227151 ext. 65391
Cindy Wang ( / Tel : (03)5715131 ext. 31265

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