FieldParticle Physics
TitleCosmology Frontier in Particle Physics: Astroparticle Physics and Early Universe
Start Date2018-09-27 09:00:00
End Date2018-09-29 18:00:00
PlaceRoom 202, Astronomy-Mathematics Building, NTU
IntroductionThis is the third workshop of the series of Frontiers in Particle Physics organized by the Pheno Group at National Taiwan University. Early Universe and many astronomical phenomena are known to have extremely close relations to elementary particle physics. The aim of this workshop, sponsored by National Taiwan University and National Center for Theoretical Sciences, is to bring together experts working at the interface of particle physics and cosmology to discuss latest results and their implications in our pursuit of physics beyond the standard model. We will discuss physics that can be better probed from astronomical and cosmological observations.
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Sign-up Date2018-06-11 00:00:00
Sign-up Deadline2018-09-12 19:59:00
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