FieldParticle Physics
Title2018 NCTS Distinguished Lecture on Gravitational Wave Cosmology
Start Date2018-05-23 13:20:00
End Date2018-05-23 15:10:00
PlaceInternational Conference Hall, 8F, 2nd General Building, Nat'l Tsing Hua Univ.
IntroductionSince the first detection of gravitational waves from coalescing binary black holes by LIGO on 14 September, 2015, we have entered a new era of gravitational wave astronomy. In addition to this tremendous success in the direct detection of gravitational waves, there is also impressive progress toward the detection of primordial gravitational waves through the B-modes polarization of cosmic microwave background anisotropies. These developments will upgrade the current level of cosmology to an unprecedented level, where gravitational waves play the central role, which I call graviational wave cosmology.
In this lecture, I discuss the current status and future prospects of gravitational wave cosmology.
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