• Title:Is the Hawking flux from a supertranslated black hole thermal?
  • Start Date/Time:2020-03-12 / 12:30
  • End Date/Time :2020-03-12 / 13:30
    • Speaker:Prof. Feng-Li Lin (NTNU)
    • Place:R521, 5F, 2nd General Building, Nat'l Tsing Hua Univ.
    • Host:Prof. Chong-Sun Chu (NTHU)
    • Abstract:In this talk I will discuss my on-going work with Shingo Takeuchi by examining the thermality of Hawking radiation of a static supertranslated black hole constructed by Compere and Long. We proceed by studying the near-horizon reduced effective theory, and then follow the anomaly calculation a la Robison and Wilczek to calculate the Hawking flux. Even the surface gravity is angular-dependent and suggests non-thermal Hawking radiation, after removing the nontrivial mode-mixings due to the soft hair, the resultant reduced theory surprisingly exhibits the same Hawking flux as Schwarzschild black hole.

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