Prof. Miguel Cazalilla and Prof. Ming-Chiang Chung published an review article for the Quantum Quenches in the Luttinger model

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Poster:Daw-Wei WangPost date:2016-07-09
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Prof. Miguel Cazalilla (Distinguished Center Scientist of NCTS and profesor of NTHU) and his collaborator Prof. Ming-Chiang Chung (TG8, professor of NCHU) published an review article for the Quantum Quenches in the Luttinger model. 

In this review article, a number of results on quantum quenches in the Luttinger and related models are surveyed with emphasis on post-quench correlations. For the Luttinger model and initial gaussian states, we discuss both sudden and smooth quenches of the interaction and the emergence of a steady state described by a generalized Gibbs ensemble. Comparisons between analytics and numerics, and the question of universality or lack thereof are also discussed. The relevance of the theoretical results to current and future experiments in the fields of ultracold atomic gases and mesoscopic systems of electrons is also briefly touched upon. Wherever possible, the approach is pedagogical and self-contained. This work is dedicated to the memory of their colleague Alejandro Muramatsu.

This invited review article is also part of Special Issue of Journal of Statistical Mechanics, which contains articles by several other important researchers in the field of integrable and low-dimensional systems.

(A copy can be obtained from Here)
Figure Caption: Time-evolution of the discontinuity at Fermi momentum following an quench of the interaction in a two-dimensional Fermi liquid with long-ranged interactions.
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